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Starting a building project is a big deal, and whether or not you work with experts can affect how well the project turns out. Here at E.P. Handy Solutions LLC, we recognize the value of experience, dependability, and excellence in building. Our experienced construction service provider in Orlando, FL has a wealth of experience ranging from planning and design to execution. Give us a call right now to get started!

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E.P. Handy Solutions LLC

Our Services

Kitchen and Bath Remodel

Kitchen and Bath Remodel

Our gifted designers will provide aesthetically pleasing and well-functioning kitchen and bathroom designs. We hold up with the most recent developments in design and technology to deliver traditional yet modern finishes, fittings, and layouts for your rooms. Modern storage solutions to streamline and arrange.
Flooring Service

Flooring Service

Many of our flooring selections need very little upkeep. It means that little effort can maintain their excellent appearance. We offer flooring treatments that resist stains, making cleaning easier and maintaining the visual appeal of your floors. Our construction contractor can install flooring compatible with underfloor heating systems, enhancing your home's comfort and energy efficiency.
Painting Service

Painting Service

Our skilled painters collaborate with you to select the ideal color schemes that accentuate your design and improve the overall appearance of your area. To help you create the style you choose, we provide a large selection of finishes, textures, and approaches. Our superior coatings offer a barrier from the elements and reduce deterioration.
Popcorn Removal Service

Popcorn Removal Service

Popcorn removal brings instant modernization to your interior design by eliminating the popcorn ceiling's worn-out texture. After removal, you have a variety of ceiling finishes to pick from, including smooth, textured, and even ornamental alternatives to suit your style. Our knowledgeable team ensures the safe popcorn removal process.
Drywall Service

Drywall Service

Our qualified specialists apply the industry's best techniques to guarantee structural integrity, minimizing the danger of fissures or other troubles. We also take care during installation to lessen trash and dust to have a clean and organized work area. With our rigorous project management, which includes accurate planning, precise measurements, and precise execution, we guarantee a successful and flawless drywall installation.

Other Services

We offer other services such as exterior and interior painting, drywall repair, popcorn texture removal and installation, carpentry, home improvement, renovation, carpentry, cabinets, doors, windows, gutters, carpets, decks, pressure washing, seal coating, baseboards, and trimming services.

Why Trust Us?

We bring a wealth of experience and a proven track record of completed projects. Our team has a history of accurately and competently finishing construction projects. In our area of expertise, construction, we provide quality construction service. And in our team, we have experts in engineering, architecture, project management, and artisanship. Dial us immediately to schedule a meeting!

What to Know More About Our Team?

Our design-build services offer a seamless and all-inclusive building experience. We streamline the entire process from start to finish, saving you time and ensuring a consistent vision through the project. In design, we appreciate originality and inventiveness. Our team collaborates to deliver creative and practical concepts, ensuring your project is aesthetically pleasing and exceptionally functional. Call us right now if you need an affordable home construction service!

The Area We Served

Here are the lists of areas we served:

  • Edgewood, FL
  • Lake Butler, FL
  • Maitland, FL
  • Lockhart, FL
  • Union Park, FL

Do you need a home building construction in Orlando, FL? If yes, E.P. Handy Solutions LLC is here for you. We have been handling construction work for years. That’s why you should not hesitate to call us. We will do our best to satisfy your needs. To have us, call us at (407) 686-9168 now!


by Jenny K. on E.P. Handy Solutions LLC
The Best Construction Work

Using the design-build services offered by this organization was the finest decision we made for our project. By merging the design and building processes, we can save time and ensure a well-thought-out concept. The team's communication and dedication to quality were evident throughout the project, and the finished result is a home that perfectly satisfies our demands. To invest in our construction service, call us now!

  • Kitchen and Bath Remodel
  • Flooring Service
  • Popcorn Removal Service
  • Drywall Service
  • Home Improvement
  • Carpentry Service
  • Cabinet Service
  • Door Service
  • Window Service
  • Gutter Service
  • Carpet Service
  • Deck Service
  • Pressure Washing
  • Floor Vinyl Laminate Installation
  • Interior and Exterior Painting

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